Company Services

  • Predictive Dialer on RENT(EMI)
  • Predictive Dialer with UNLIMITED MINUTES (COMBO PACK)
  • PREDICTIVE DIALER with purchase mode
  • Hosted Dialer Service
  • Domestic and International predictive dialer
  • Complete CRM customization and solutions
  • Domestic predictive and progressive dialer for outbound and inbound
  • A to Z Network & Call Center Solutions

Asterisk Services

  • System Integration, from small office to carrier grade
  • Skype <-> SIP <-> Asterisk)
  • Custom applications
  • Billing solutions
  • Auto/mass dialing solutions
  • Trixbox/FreePBX/Elastix/IPPBX
  • Advanced AGI scripting
  • Complete configuration/Customization
  • Asterisk high redundancy solution and services

A2Billing Services

  • Billing customization
  • Callback customization
  • CDR customizationt
  • IVR customization
  • Softphone Integration
  • Multi owner solution
  • Reseller solution
  • Clustering/Backup/Failover/Monitoring
  • Security/Hardening
  • VoIP termination for Asterisk and FreePBX systems

Vicidial Services

  • Complete configuration and customization for call centers
  • Inbound/Outbound strategies
  • Design, development and implementation of basic call flow (inbound and outbound)
  • Dialing Solutions for International and Domestic Processes like Inbound,Outbound,Predictive,Survey etc. using VoIP and PRI
  • Dialer solutions ViciDial, Goautodial installation, Troubleshooting, Agent CRM Customization as per customer requirements
  • Providing outbound on-hook agents dialing feature in vicidial & goautodial

CTI Hardware Services

  • Digium/Sangoma/OpenVox/AudioCodes/Siemens/Gigaset/ Panasonic/HP ProCurve/Allo (CIT Cards)
  • Complete Installation/Configuration and Support
  • Soft Switch Installation/Configuration and Support

Additional Services

  • IP PBX/Installation/maintenance/configuration of linux systems/servers VOIP Gatekeepers/Phones/devices.
  • Support for digium/openvox/sangoma/rhino E1/PRI/FXO Digital/analog Telephony Cards/grandstream.
  • Unified communication Solutions.

CTI Hardware Services

  • Predictive Dialer
  • Voice Broadcasting & Fax Blasting
  • Medium to Large Multi-Office Business Telephony Systems
  • Call Centers - Local and International
  • Asterisk Dialers and Bulk Calling Systems
  • International Office Telephony Systems
  • Specialty Calling Systems(Entertainment and Personals)
  • Healthcare Application Integration
  • Customer Relationship Management,CRM Application Integration
  • Distributed Server Architecture and Asterisk Load Balancingn
  • SIP Express Router, SER Load Balancing
  • Hospitality Telephony Systems(Hotel PBX Integration)
  • Complete IVR Development
  • Local or Datacenter PBX Customization
  • Wireless Telephony Installations
  • Database Integration and Customization
  • Custom Application Development
  • vtiger vicidial integration

Other Services

  • VicidialNow/Goautodial/Osdial/VoIP/SIP/IVRS/PERL/PHP/LAMP/DBA
  • (Oracle Certified with OCP).
  • Asterisk Configuration/Asterisk Customization/Dialplan Programming/AGI Scripting/IVRS Design/Auto Reminder/Voice Broadcasting

We have integrated vicidial & goautodial with below mention other open sources

  • Vicidial & FreePBX Integration
  • Vicidial & Trixbox Integration
  • Vicidial & Goautodial Cluster Solutions
  • Vicidial & Goautodial High Redundancy Solutions
  • Vicidial & VTiger Integration
  • Vicidial & SugarCRM Integration
  • Elastix & VTiger/SugarCRM Integration